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Demystifying Violin Pricing and Selection

Now living in southern Australia, Jim Robinson has been a maker and restorer of bowed instruments for four decades.  In this article he shares his knowledge about the violin market, and his expertise, hopefully demystifying the purchase process for other players.  His violin-related insights will interest players of all stringed instruments.

Postmodernism and Marketing

The following is taken from a lecture I wrote and presented to my class of first year marketing students at James Cook University about 8 years ago.

'The Work' as Experienced by a Young Violin Maker in London

Over the years, ‘The Work’ has made a big impression on me, an indelible impression I might add, as a young violin maker working in London, not too many years out of violin making school in Cremona, Italy.

The Enigma of Violins

Violin family instruments sometimes approach the status of a mere commodity, in regard to the millions of mass produced student instruments, and sometimes have the status of collectible art objects. Some violin family instruments, particularly if they are in a superb condition and happen to have a very good sound might have 3 distinct values; for the collector, for the player because of its tonal potential and a third for an investor.

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