Violin Place just moved from Adelaide to Sydney (Chatswood)

Violin Place just moved from Adelaide to Sydney (Chatswood)

Posted in [Latest News] By James Robinson

It’s often said that moving house is one of the 5 most stressful events a person can experiences; and we all do it. Well, I’ve ‘bitten the bullet’ and done it again. It’s been a big move, from Adelaide to Sydney (Chatswood), both house and violin shop.

No one is immune from stress. Also, we are often not directly aware of our own stress, but it can show up in various symptoms. For example, many years ago I went to a military boarding school (high school) in the deep south of Alabama (in the U.S). This was in the 60’s and was a tense time to live in the South because of all the racial problems, demonstrations and riots due to the rampant segregation policies of the State and its right wing governor at the time, George C. Wallace. Ultra right wing groups such as the scary hooded members of the Ku Klux Klan were active terrorists in the region. Life in the military school was rife with bullying, intimidation, very strict rules and violence. Even though my hair was shaved off like all the other cadets, before  long I developed a circular  area ,about the size of a fifty cent piece, on the back of my head that was strangely, absolutely smooth. I was curious about this development and saw a doctor about it when I returned home on leave. This was caused by stress.

I still find it amazing that by some unknown process, stress could cause this type of symptom. Since then I have been more on guard against stress even when I’m not aware of any of its symptoms and take actions to deal with it.

I am happy that this move has gone relatively smoothly and I am settling in to my new environment. While at the moment I am still putting things away and fitting out my new shop I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel optimistic and excited by this new start and am enjoying creating the atmosphere of my new shop: the Violin Place Pty. Ltd.

You are welcome to come by and say hello. I will still be offering a restoration and repair service second to none. I still have a very good selection of instruments (new and antique) suitable for all levels of string players from beginner to professional at low prices. I am also still making instruments myself and have a selection of these available as well as works in progress to check out and order.

What’s new is that I am encouraging expressions of interest from anyone, male or female, young or old who would like to learn this trade and/ or make their own instrument as a profession or a fascinating hobby.

I have done a lot of teaching over the years and I love it. So, think about it, and please contact me if you are interested.

Jim Robinson, Luthier

Suite 202 (level 1), The Bentleigh Tower,

1, Katherine Street, Chatswood, NSW 2067

(02) 9412-3584  or 0413-875-284

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