The Violin Place in Chatswood is Now Open

The Violin Place in Chatswood is Now Open

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A huge number of boxes have been unpacked, things put away and the shop is now open. The timeline involved in this seemingly mammoth task has gone like this;

·         September 4th, 2012 – I arrived in Sydney with my Ute packed full of boxes. Fragile stuff, such as my work – in-progress, was sitting next to me, in the passenger’s seat.The Ute was unpacked and the planning and work for the shop fit- out was started.

·         September 19, - The movers arrived and started to unload boxes and equipment. This is always a stressful time but the two experienced movers unloaded everything in a few hours without mishap. After they left, it looked like it would be an impossible task to sort everything out. My inventory notes’ telling me what is in each box was invaluable. I started unpacking.

·         October 1st – After working everyday for long hours, I am now getting closer to opening and can ‘see the light at the end of the tunnel’.

·         October 8th (Monday) –Some proprietors would have a big celebration when they opened their new shop. This seems to be especially true with shops owned by Korean, Chinese or Japanese around Chatswood. They often have large flower displays, banners and maybe even people dancing around in costumes. I guess I am very boring compared with all this. What did I do? I found some of the best unblended scotch, toasted the accomplishment, did a little dance and said wooo hooo, kind of loud ;)


I think Chatswood is a very good place to be and I am happy to join my colleagues who are working on string instruments here already. Everyone, of course, wants a good choice of products to choose from; this is especially true of someone shopping for something as personal as a string instrument or a service on their instrument, and every shop has something different to offer. I hope to make many new friends with string players, and others while enjoying my work of restoring, fitting up, teaching and creating many new instruments.

And finally, with something new..... Are you a string player who is somewhat intrigued by “the nuts and bolts” of your instrument?

Would you like to ‘step across to the other side’?

I would love to help you on this journey by teaching and sharing my knowledge and experience in Luthiery (instrument making/setting up/bow re –hair, etc.)  Please let me know if you might be interested in this type of workshop training.

I am welcoming expressions of interest and looking forward to meeting you when you visit The Violin Place in Chatswood.


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