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In 1971, I left New York City and sailed on the 'Michelangelo' to Italy to study violin making in Cremona, Italy with the renowned masters Gio Batta Morassi, G. Scarabotto and Francesco Bissolotti.
Since those early days I have worked as a violin maker and restorer in London, New York, Boston, Tokyo, Singapore, Portland, Hawaii, and Sydney, always at very famous violin shops or independently. A journey of more than 50 years, making more than 300 instruments and almost countless repairs and restorations.
  1.  Won four international awards for craftsmanship and tone quality. 
  2.  Listed in four publications/directories of violin makers*(see below).
  3. A viola I made achieved the highest auction price of any Australian living violin maker at a prominent international violin auction house (Tarisio- Fine Instruments and Bows, online auctions).
  4. One of the most well-known, internationally, of all Australian living violin makers.
Now, as a senior member of this trade, the journey continues. 
Academic degrees from the U.S. and Australia,
in Psychology (B.Sc.) and Horticulture (double major) from the University of The State of New York, with major coursework at The University of Hawaii.
Business Administration (MBA) from James Cook University, Cairns, and many, many courses in 'professional development'
and Professional cert. in Neuroscience from the University of Melbourne.
From Bachelor of Science to Masters. I maintain many other interests, some for decades. A true proponent of    'lifelong learning'
*Coggins, Alan (2009), Violin and Bow Makers of Australia. Write Light Pty Ltd., Pg 159-160.
Harvey,Brian (1995), The Violin and its Makers in the British Isles (An Illustrated History and Directory). Oxford University Press. Pg 379.
Alburger, Mary Anne (1978), The Violin Makers (Portrait of a Living Craft). The Camelot Press Ltd. Pg 138-142.
Wenberg, Thomas James (1986). The Violin Makers Of The United States. Mt. Hood Publishing. Pg 248.
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