All the work shown  in the Gallery is made by
James Robinson (except the dog's violin)!

Violin by JW Robinson # 235
one of my 'bench copies' of a CA testore violin, 2007
one of my 'bench copies of a CA Testore violin
2016-07-13 13.33.11.jpg
2016-07-13 13.41.01.jpg
Two images of a not-yet-setup violin I made. Guarneri model.
A 1976 edition, a cover of The Strad Magazine with three images of a violin I made at the London firm Ealing Strings. It is an Alard Strad model. This violin won an award in the U.K. for craftsmanship.
2004-06-23 02.57.26.jpg
An image of some of my uncompleted work layed out on a table in my shop (Adelaide).
2008-04-12 16.49.04.jpg
2008-04-12 16.50.07.jpg
Two views of a cello I made with Quilted Maple back and sides. The wood is from Canada. The model is Rugeri.
A partially completed frog I made in Boston.
2003-03-30 21.26.19.jpg
Image taken of one of my violins in-the-white.
2009-09-09 09.05.38.jpg
Books were written by my two violin-making teachers in Cremona, Italy, F. Bissoolotti and G.B. Morassi.
This instrument I made, pictured above unfinished, is my design for a 9-string 'Australian Violet'. It won an award at the Woodwork magazine competition.
This tailpiece I made from Australian wood will go on the above 9-string 'Australian Violet'.
stock violin photos 003.jpg
stock violin photos 001.jpg
This violin I made is in a reproduction style and is modeled after Guarneri.
This violin I made is modeled after Guarneri.
This cello I made is modeled after Rugeri. 
viola top.jpg
This 16" viola I made, is modeled after E. Hill of W.E.Hill & Sons, London. It won a Silver Medal for sound at a VSA competition in the U.S.
Three images of a violin I made, modeled after Guarneri.
The dog's violin. Leaving his marks for others to ponder about in the future.
dog with violin image.png