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All the work shown  in the Gallery is made by
James Robinson (except the dog's violin)!

Violin by JW Robinson # 235
one of my 'bench copies' of a CA testore violin, 2007
 'bench copy' of a CA Testore violin
2016-07-13 13.33.11.jpg
2016-07-13 13.41.01.jpg
 This violin is modelled after the 1741 Guarneri Del Jesu, 'the Vieuxtemps'.
A 1976 edition of "The Strad Magazine" with three images of a violin I made at the London firm of Ealing Strings. It is an Alard Strad model. This violin won an award in the U.K. for craftsmanship.
2004-06-23 02.57.26.jpg
My  work- in - progress instruments from my shop in Adelaide. These have now all been completed and many sold.
2008-04-12 16.49.04.jpg
2008-04-12 16.50.07.jpg
 A cello I made with spectacular Quilted Maple back and sides. The wood is from Canada. The model is Rugeri.
A work- in- progress frog I made during a bow making workshop in Boston, USA. All knife and chisel work.
2003-03-30 21.26.19.jpg
Incorporating some orchids from my garden with an unfinished violin.
2009-09-09 09.05.38.jpg
A selection of books including 2 written by my violinmaking teachers in Cremona, Italy : F. Bissolotti and G.B. Morassi. Neither wanted to be out done by the other.
In the process of setting up my 9-string 'Australian Violet'. It won an award.
This is the tailpiece I made for the above 9-string 'Australian Violet'.
stock violin photos 003.jpg
stock violin photos 001.jpg
This 'aged look' violin is modeled after a 1741 'the Vieuxtemps' Guarneri Del Jesu. The original sold for $16 million US dollars. It was the worlds most expensive violin.
 Another 'aged look' violin modeled after a 1742 Guarneri Del Gesu, the "Ole Bull". The back is from English Sycamore maple.
This cello is modeled after Rugeri. What a big deep voice it has!
viola top.jpg
This 16" viola is modeled after the violas of Ebsworth Hill. This is the model of violas that was made in the Hanwell workshop of  W.E.Hill & Sons. I acquired this model thanks to my colleague and friend Martin Godliman who worked there for many years.
It won a Silver Medal for sound at a VSA competition in the U.S.
 Modeled after 1742 Guarneri Del Gesu, the 'Ole Bull'.
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