Other Instruments and Sound Sculptures

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"Australian Violet"  made by James W Robinson. Made in Australia. Comes with my Certificate of Authenticity. This instrument is my interpretation of some English made instruments from the early to mid 18th century. They were called 'English Violet' and usually had 13 or 14 strings similar to the Viola D' Amore. This instrument has only 9 strings, 5 playable and 4 sympathetic. The 5 playable strings are tuned EADGC. I have also added a 'Johari' bridge for the sympathetic strings. This is ment to act like a 'johari' bridge on a Sitar that causes them to buzz a little, strengthening their effect.

This unique instrument is the first (and only) instrument I have made from all Australian woods. The top is made from, quarter cut, Tasmanian 'King William Pine', the back and neck is made from quarter cut and figured 'Queensland Maple' ( a eucalptus ). The sides are made from 
'Curly Blackbutt, and the fingerboard and tailpiece are from 'Hairy Oak' (woods from WA).
It was fun to make.
The price is $9,300.