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James Robinson is a qualified luthier, a graduate of the violin making school in Cremona, Italy. He has had 45 years of experience which includes working as a restorer with a number of the worlds' most well known and famous violin shops such as Jacques Francais Rare Violins in New York City, Ealing Strings and Cranston Workshop in London and Kanda & Co. in Tokyo, and has made more than 250 instruments.  His teachers are the world famous violin makers Gio Batta Morassi and Francesco Bissolotti 
  Violin Making
Stringed instrument making (lutherie) may not be a widely recognized profession, but it should be. The history of craftsmen making musical instruments or even string instruments is many thousands of years old and originally linked to the ‘spiritual realm’. The earliest violins were made between 1500 to 1550. James Robinson  is a violin maker who has a strong connection to history, tradition and the culture of lutherie. He is one of Australia’s most prolific and well known violin makers. The instruments he makes and signs will pass through the hands of many future generations of violinists in Australia and  other parts of the world, becoming increasingly valuable over time. A custodianship of one is on offer.
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