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James Robinson began his career by studying violin making in Cremona, Italy (from 1971) with the renowned masters; GB Morassi, F. Bissolotti, and G.Scarabotto  at the International School of Violinmaking. After finishing, his first violinmaking job was in London, England at Ealing Strings, one of Europe's best violin shops.

He has won 4 International Awards for making new Instruments(now over 300) including Violin, Viola, and Cello.

A senior member of this trade with more than 50 years of high-level experience now serving clients in Melbourne, Geelong, and all regional areas of Victoria.


The trade of stringed musical instrument making and restoration is called 'Liuteria' (in Italian) and a (male) violin-maker is called a 'Liutaio'(in Italian). Among the earliest makers was Andrea Amati (1505-1577) who worked in Cremona, Italy from around 1520. Many of the most famous historical violin makers worked in Cremona, Italy.

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