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James Robinson began his career by studying violin making in Cremona, Italy (from 1971) with the renowned masters; GB Morassi, F. Bissolotti, and G.Scarabotto  at the International School of Violinmaking. After finishing, his first violinmaking job was in London, England at Ealing Strings, one of Europe's best violin shops. 

An American by birth, he first came to Australia in 1991,


after graduating from university in Hawaii (University of

Hawaii B.Sc.). He quickly fell in love with the country and


has long been a citizen.

He has won 4 International Awards for making new Instruments(now over 300) including Violin, Viola, and Cello.

A senior member of this trade with more than 50 years of high-level experience in Europe, Asia, North America and Australia, he is now serving clients in Melbourne, Geelong, and all regional areas of Victoria.He also has instruments for sale in Sydney.

The trade of stringed musical instrument making and restoration is called 'Liuteria' (in Italian) and a (male) violin-maker is called a 'Liutaio'(in Italian). Among the earliest makers was Andrea Amati (1505-1577) who worked in Cremona, Italy from around 1520. Many of the most famous historical violin makers worked in Cremona, Italy.

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